Certree FAQ's


Who should use Certree?

All North American entities under Impellam Group North America will use Certree to complete Proof of Employment and Proof of Income Verifications for both current and former Internal Staff and Associates.

Impellam Group North America Entities

 BarPellam, Inc.
 Corporate Employment Resources, Inc. (Bartech Staffing, Guidant Global, SRG and Lorien)

Why did Impellam Group North America decide to use Certree to issue my Proof of Employment and Income?

Certree allows our company’s current and former employees to have control over their employment and income verification processes. You are the best person to know the accuracy of your own data and should determine who may view your personal information.

Background checks and loan/mortgage processing are both quicker under your control. Impellam Group North America chose Certree because we value your privacy and data security. To learn more about the benefits of Certree, visit Certree.com.

Do I have to pay Certree to access my information?

It is free for Impellam Group North America employees to use Certree. Certree charges verifiers for accessing the data you share with them.

How do I use Certree to complete my background check or income verification process?

Follow 3 easy steps.

 Step 1: Sign up for a Certree account (or sign in) at www.certree.com and follow the instructions to get your Proof of Employment/Income.

 Step 2: Review your documents to verify their accuracy. If there are discrepancies, contact your employer to correct them.

 Step 3: Share the verifier access link with the verifier (Examples: Loan company, Bank, Background check company, Future employer, Landlord, etc.) who requests your documents.

Whose responsibility is it to share my Proof of Employment/Income with the verifier?

It is the employee’s responsibility to share the verifier access link via Certree to share your Proof of Employment at Impellam Group North America for a background check or Proof of Income for an income verification process. Impellam Group North America is not obligated to share your personal information directly with any verifiers.

Why should verifiers trust the documents I share with them?

The documents that you share with the verifier via Certree access links are Certree certified. Certree technology guarantees that no one (including you the employee and Certree) can modify the documents on the Certree platform, except for your employer.

What if my documents are not accurate?

Please contact the Onboarding and Compliance team at onboarding@corestaff.com for Associate/Contractor corrections or Impellam Group North America’s Human Resources Department at HRInfo@impellam.com for Internal Staff corrections.

Those teams will assist you in validating your correct employment and/or income details and can have the corrected documents re-issued to your Certree account. By design, Certree is not able to see your documents and therefore is not able to assist with corrections.