Resilience in the process

Join Kathleen Fecteau, Technical Recruiter, as she speaks with Abishek Behera, an Automotive Engineer, about having resilience in the process of a job search.

In the first part of the interview, they discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that Abishek faced, including developing a resume that was customized for a desired position, finding the right company and hiring manager, and preparing for the interview.

In this second part of the 3-part interview, Kathleen Fecteau, Technical Recruiter, and Abishek Behera, Automotive Engineer, talk about why he decided to work with a staffing firm.

For Abishek, he was impressed that Bartech has such strong ties to the automotive industry. Because this was his desired area of career interest, Kathleen and Bartech were able to support him throughout the process of interview preparation and how to best handle technical and behavioral-based questions.

Abishek also leaned on the team to understand what he needed to navigate the Canadian immigration system when it came to external resources, including work/study permits and implied status.

In this final part of the 3-part interview series between Kathleen Fecteau, Technical Recruiter, and Abishek Behera, Automotive Engineer, we learn Abishek’s advice for getting that dream job.

Pro tips: study hard, have a motivator in your corner, and go for every job that you are qualified for!

Kathleen Fecteau

Kathleen Fecteau is part of the Canadian Bartech Staffing team, based in Montreal, QC. She provides her services in both French and English as Technical Recruiter. Throughout her journey, she’s experienced multiple facets of the recruiting process, but is now specializing in the automotive and IT industry with over four years of market exposure. Her passion for people and career development is what drives her to bring her candidates to success. Transparency, honesty and empathy are only some of the important values she brings to the table when discussing personal growth, employment opportunities and the ever-changing labour market.

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