6 Tips from a Bartech Electrical Engineering Recruiter

6 Tips from a Bartech Electrical Engineering Recruiter
Amy Orndorff

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6 Tips from a Bartech Electrical Engineering Recruiter


Welcome to Bartech’s new content series featuring subject matter experts from across our organization. We’ll share data and opinion insights from staffing and recruiting leaders who are building world-class engineering, professional, and technical talent communities for our clients by specializing in placing high-quality talent into long-term contract roles, contract-to-hire agreements, and permanent placements. We stay ahead of the pack with ingenuity, integrity, hard work, and outstanding service.

Leading off in this series will be Bartech Technical Recruiter, Amy Orndorff, who sources for Electrical, Powertrain, and Battery Engineers. Amy immerses herself in the candidate’s world to ask the right questions and target the right skills. She’s a firm believer in understanding the technical requirements of a role, using the right sourcing search strings and terms to find qualified candidates, and in building strong relationships with the best candidates working in the industry. Look for Amy’s next update, a complete Career Resources & Hiring Guide specifically for individuals looking for roles in the Engineering field.

Meet our Electrical Engineering Subject Matter Expert, Amy Orndorff


Amy Orndorff, a Bartech Technical Recruiter from West Virginia, has over 12 years of experience specializing in the automotive industry with expertise specifically in automotive engineering, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, customer service and HR specialties. Throughout her career, Amy has become an expert in identifying top talent and placing candidates in roles that perfectly fit their unique skills and experience.

“Rejection and setbacks are a part of the recruitment process, and what’s key to success is learning to bounce back and stay motivated despite the challenges that can come with this competitive industry.”

Amy indulges her creative side through DIY projects and interior decorating. She carries over her enthusiasm for creativity and attention to detail into her professional life, ensuring the highest level of service for clients and candidates.


  1. Can you provide a few reasons why you chose the path of recruiting? What motivates you to achieve day-to-day success? As a recruiter, I find my job to be incredibly rewarding because I have a genuine desire to help others. It feels great to place candidates in roles that align with their career goals and make a positive impact on their lives. Knowing that I have played a part in someone's career journey and helped them achieve their goals is a truly fulfilling experience.
  2. What about Electrical Engineering is driving you to become a subject matter expert? I am driven to become a subject matter expert because it enables me to better understand the needs of our clients and candidates. Having a deep understanding of the field allows me to assess candidates' skills and qualifications and provide valuable insights more effectively.
  3. What do you do/use to stay in the loop about market trends and topics? Following industry leaders and experts on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit, and using apps like Automotive News and other relevant podcasts to keep up on news.
  4. What are the top skills or traits needed to be successful in Electrical Engineering? To be successful in automotive Electrical Engineering, you need to have strong technical skills in math and electrical engineering principles. You also need problem-solving skills to identify and solve complex problems related to automotive electrical systems. You must be detail-oriented to ensure compliance with safety regulations and have effective communication skills to collaborate with others.
  5. Are there any interview tips you think would help make a candidate stand out? Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the automotive industry and your interest in the latest trends and technologies in the field. Discuss any relevant hobbies or projects that demonstrate your interest in the subject. Give examples of how you have identified and solved complex problems related to electrical systems.
  6. Where do you see Electrical Engineering going in the next 5-10 years? How will the industry be impacted? There will likely be a growing demand for aftermarket electrical services and upgrades, such as advanced entertainment and infotainment systems, lighting systems, and performance upgrades. Automotive Electrical Engineers will be needed to develop and implement renewable energy solutions for electric vehicles.

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