Hire the Right Talent at the Right Time

Hire the Right Talent at the Right Time
Erica Leone

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Hire the Right Talent at the Right Time

Discover why a strong community of potential candidates helps recruiting firms support employers with right-on-time talent.

How to get the right talent at the right time 

Today, the staffing world is moving at a faster pace than ever before. In an extremely competitive job market, hiring managers must quickly place high-caliber people into specialized roles to ensure projects and productivity stay on track. Yet, due to this very thin margin of error, 77% of employers report difficulty finding good candidates in an acceptable timeframe.*  

Staffing firms can fill this gap with workforce solutions that offer clients a network of right-on-time professionals. When hiring managers turn to an external recruiter, they must trust that the candidate has the right skills and experience, all while fitting in with their workplace culture and pace. As a result, this part of the process can be just as much of a “trust fall” for employers as it is for candidates.  

The ability of recruiters to ensure the right talent at the right time ultimately comes down to relationships. By building trust and a positive experience for candidates, recruiters develop a long-term, network-based community. And for staffing firms, the commitment to that network needs to start from the ground up.

Recruitment always starts with people 

To deliver a great experience for employers and candidates, top recruiting firms must invest in their employees first. Like any other workplace, organizations that commit to selecting, training, and developing the right people will be better equipped to connect with the best candidates and establish and build long-term talent communities. This internal training and support often include providing recruiting professionals with coaching, feedback, and mentoring to help foster consistent growth and development. 

In short, recruiters with strong internal relationships within a people-focused culture are far more likely to build authentic connections with their candidate community.  

Building bridges with both candidates and clients

Recruiters build bridges between job seekers and hiring managers who need to fill open positions quickly with the right people. Building that bridge requires careful planning and oversight, and staffing firms need to take the time to understand their client's talent needs to be able to send the best and most appropriate candidates. Similarly, recruiters must extend the same level of care to job seekers and focus on a positive candidate experience.  

This includes regular communication, learning about a candidate’s skills, background, and goals, and being transparent about the process. These elements are the foundation of a thriving network of potential candidates who can ensure job openings can be rapidly filled. By doing the work to build a robust and stable bridge for clients, recruiters will be able to provide the right-on-time support they need.  

Contractors ‘can’ make the difference

In today’s workforce, contract personnel offer several benefits for clients, including flexibility, cost efficiency, and access to specialized expertise. Flexibility is a key advantage, as clients can adjust their workforce based on the project demands without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees. This allows for a more agile response to market changes or project needs. Cost efficiency is another significant benefit, as clients can save on overhead costs such as benefits and other permanent employee expenses.  

Contractors bring specialized skills and expertise to a project that might not be available in-house, providing clients with the opportunity to leverage niche knowledge for specific project requirements. This can lead to higher-quality outcomes and innovation.  

Overall, contracting personnel can offer a strategic advantage in project execution and operational flexibility, and for hiring managers, firms with this workplace solution and delivery differentiator will provide exceptional candidates for open positions time after time 

The right stories with the right platform

For staffing firms, online reputation can make or break the ability to build trust and develop a network of specialized professionals. When prospective candidates see high ratings and positive stories online, it instantly builds credibility. Recruiters that use solutions such as Great Recruiters provide a platform for candidates to research and review their respective successes, which helps recruiting professionals stand out in an often-competitive marketplace. 

Experience management platforms ensure that candidates engage in a smooth and engaging journey. By collecting and analyzing feedback across various touchpoints, staffing firms can quickly identify areas for optimization, fostering a more responsive and candidate-centric approach.  

This heightened candidate experience boosts a company’s respective employer brand and helps attract top talent, ensuring clients have access to a higher caliber of candidates.  

Furthermore, by leveraging data analytics, experience management platforms provide insights that help fine-tune recruitment strategies, improve match accuracy, and speed up the hiring process. As a result, clients benefit from a more efficient, effective, and tailored staffing service that meets their specific needs and expectations, enhancing their overall satisfaction and the likelihood of successful placements. 

Bartech is committed to the client and candidate experience. 

For more insights into the role that trust and relationships play in building rich candidate communities, check out the recent webinar hosted by Bartech Staffing and Great Recruiters. In Trust Fall Job Search, staffing experts talk about how to build a foundation of trust that opens doors to new opportunities.  

One of the participants was Bartech Vice President of Delivery Susan Dutcher, who highlighted how building credibility with candidates translates to better results for employers. According to Susan, “A strong platform in Great Recruiters and a commitment to a trustworthy candidate experience have helped our recruiters build a unique and deep talent pool that provides great opportunities for great people and helps Bartech better serve our clients.”  

Bartech is Great Recruiters-certified, which signifies the commitment to providing exceptional experiences for candidates, clients, and placed talent. You can see all ratings and reviews by going to Great Recruiters. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a career, connect with Bartech Staffing today or via LinkedIn.   

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