Putting the Candidate Experience First

Putting the Candidate Experience First
Amy Orndorff

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Putting the Candidate Experience First

How to find a recruiter who truly values the candidate experience and will work to build an authentic/trusting relationship with this helpful guide.

For job seekers, a recruiter can be a valuable resource for connecting with potential employers based on a candidate’s unique skills, experience, and goals. It should be simple. By specializing in the complexities of job searches, recruiters make it easier for candidates to navigate a process they usually aren’t very familiar with. But for too many, this is far from the experience. In fact, 60 percent of job seekers report a negative candidate experience, according to data from the Human Capital Institute*. 

Stories abound of quick, superficial conversations in which a recruiter doesn’t get a feel for what a candidate is looking for and doesn’t provide relevant job leads. All too often, some recruiters offer lower-quality opportunities or simply don’t get back to a job seeker. When putting hopes in the hands of others, it’s easy to feel as if candidates are doing a trust fall exercise without knowing if someone is there to catch them 

How to improve candidate experience 

Although the job search process can feel overwhelming and frustrating, finding a trustworthy recruiter who will catch job seekers when it’s time to fall into a job search is possible. To help, here are five positive signs that a potential recruiter genuinely cares about putting the candidate's experience first. 

1. Asking for feedback early 

Most job seekers would probably be surprised if they were asked for any kind of feedback when speaking with a recruiter. If they were asked to complete a survey or provide comments, it would likely be at the end of the process and only if there was a successful placement. However, a recruiter asking for feedback after the first interaction can be a positive sign that the recruiter and their organization value your experience and will be accountable to your concerns. Moreover, seeing a recruiter’s overall rating from other candidates and previous reviews is a great way to build trust and ensure this is an individual with a proven track record 

2. Being transparent about the recruitment process 

For better or worse, people want to know what to expect when speaking to a recruiter. No one wants to feel like they are flying blind. It can be frustrating for someone to think they are at one point in a job search only to find out there are five more steps. Anyone seeking a job should know each step in the process, including intake, filling out applications, how many rounds of interviews, the volume of candidates, and when they can expect to hear back. If a recruiter can’t be transparent about the basic progression in the job search, it’s probably not time well invested. In contrast, a great recruiter will always be as straightforward as possible about the process 

3. Taking the time to get to know you and your goals  

If the recruiter isn’t taking the time to understand the job seeker, the chances of finding the candidate the right opportunity are less than ideal. A recruiter should be stepping into the candidate’s shoes for the job hunt. This means knowing which specific jobs are relevant to the candidate’s skills and experience, knowing the target companies, and understanding career goals for advancement and workplace culture, among many other factors. At a minimum, a recruiter should review a candidate’s resume and work history and have an in-depth conversation to understand objectives and personality. Trying to rush through or brush off this essential step could indicate that a candidate’s job-seeking experience isn’t the top priority 

4. Providing regular communication and follow-up  

Just because a recruiter is busy and has other candidates to help doesn’t mean the candidate shouldn’t expect regular communication. Quality recruiting organizations will say that job seekers should expect a touch point at least once a week after an initial interaction. If a candidate is going through the interview process with a prospective employer, there should be even more frequent communications, including being looped in with account managers for additional guidance and support. Although drops in communication occur too frequently in today’s job market, a recruiter who cares about the candidate’s experience will be in touch regularly 

5. A focus on long-term relationship-building 

Most job seekers tend not to look past their next placement when working with a recruiter. After all, the goal is to find a permanent job offering growth opportunities with an exemplary employer. However, anyone working with a recruiter should ask if they would work with their recruiter again for future job searches. Just as it’s vital to build an authentic relationship right away, high-quality recruiters want those relationships to continue for years to come. In the best-case scenario, a recruiter is a long-term partner and advisor who will advise on the best possible career path. 

The Bartech Recruitment Difference 

We are Bartech, a recruiting innovator and premier staffing firm. We serve as a strategic partner to domestic, global, and multinational companies that hire Engineering, Technical, and Professional talent. Bartech’s approach is centered on building strong, personalized relationships with both our clients and candidates. We get to know your specific hiring needs and use this knowledge to create successful connections that empower growth and success. This commitment to the candidate experience shines through in Bartech’s 4.8 rating on Google.  

For more insight on what to expect from a candidate-focused recruiter experience, check out the recent webinar hosted by Bartech Staffing and Great Recruiters. In Trust Fall Job Search, staffing experts talk about how to build a foundation of trust that opens doors to new opportunities.  

Logan Steiner was a panelist on the webinar and represented the candidate community. He had this to say, Out of nowhere, I received a friendly email from a recruiter who said she had a position I might be curious about. It didn't seem like other recruiter emails. It was more personal,” says Logan, a technical writer who was successfully placed in a new position by Amy Orndorff, a Bartech Technical Recruiter. For Logan, a positive candidate experience ultimately came down to a few essential ingredients, “A focus on relationship building, good communication, and making sure I had a positive experience all made a huge difference to me throughout the process.”  

Bartech is Great Recruiters-certified, which signifies the commitment to providing exceptional experiences for candidates, clients, and placed talent. You can see all ratings and reviews by going to Great Recruiters.  

If you or someone you know is looking for a career, connect with Bartech Staffing today or via LinkedIn.   

Source: https://www.hci.org/blog/statistics-rethink-your-candidate-experience-or-ruin-your-brand


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