New Engineering Graduates — Land That Critical First Job by Partnering with a Quality Staffing Firm

New Engineering Graduates — Land That Critical First Job by Partnering with a Quality Staffing Firm
Joe Cassidy

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New Engineering Graduates — Land That Critical First Job by Partnering with a Quality Staffing Firm

Unlock the secrets to securing a successful career as a new engineering graduate by teaming up with a top-notch staffing firm

Even in a high-demand field like engineering, it can still be intimidating to go out and get that pivotal first job after graduating. Compared to more established candidates, new engineers may not have the same depth of practical skills, established professional networks, or knowledge of the hiring process. The paradox of not being able to get a job without experience but not having experience because of an inability to get a job is very real.  

As a Recruiting Manager at Bartech, I have firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities new engineering graduates face when entering the workforce. Landing that first job is a significant step, but it is usually not an easy one. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 4% growth for the engineering field, it also has one of the longest median hiring times of any industry. According to a LinkedIn survey, it can take 49 days for an engineer to find a job, and it could take even longer for new graduates 

With hundreds of thousands of engineering graduates entering the workforce each year — 144,826 bachelor’s degrees in engineering were awarded in 2022 alone — this can make for a highly competitive landscape. In today’s job market, recent graduates need every advantage they can get, and a dedicated staffing firm can be a very valuable asset. Although it may seem tempting to try and go at it alone, the right staffing partner can be the difference-maker for a fast and successful job search 


Seven Reasons Why New Engineering Graduates Should Engage with a Staffing Firm  

Here are the most compelling reasons new graduates should partner with an experienced, dedicated staffing agency to jumpstart their careers. 

1. Access to a Hidden Job Market 

Many companies prefer to fill positions through expert staffing companies like Bartech rather than handling the end-to-end talent acquisition themselves. This hidden job market is generally unavailable to direct job seekers, especially new graduates who may not have established networks. Bartech has direct relationships with a wide range of clients in sectors including automotive, consumer products, manufacturing, oil & gas, supply chain & logistics, technology equipment & services, and utilities. The result is access to jobs new engineers are often unable to find independently. 

2. Faster Placement 

Bartech is motivated to place candidates quickly and efficiently. With our constant pipeline of engineering opportunities, new graduates could interview for potential roles any time before or after graduation, significantly reducing the time spent in job-hunting limbo. And, of course, faster placement means a quicker path to earning money and gaining valuable industry experience right out of the gate. 

3. Industry Insight and Guidance 

Bartech has 50 years of experience recruiting and placing candidates across the full spectrum of engineering disciplines. We provide insights into what companies are looking for and how to tailor resumes to meet those needs. For new candidates, our expertise is invaluable in navigating the beginning stages of a career with guidance on industry trends, salary norms, and growth opportunities. 

4. Flexibility to Explore 

One unique benefit of working with Bartech is our flexibility. We place new graduates in contract positions, which is a great way to explore different industries or roles without the commitment of a full-time position. This experience can be incredibly enriching and help clarify the right career path for a new engineering graduate to pursue. 

5. Support System 

Starting a new job can be overwhelming, and we offer a support system that goes well beyond placement. Our recruitment staff offers advice on professional development, helps with negotiating job offers, and provides feedback from employers on interviews. This ongoing support can help build confidence and skills to advance in a career. 

6. Long-Term Opportunities 

While some staffing placements may start as contractor positions, many become long-term job opportunities. Companies often work with Bartech to finish projects or fill a gap, and performing well can lead to a permanent position. This is an excellent way for new graduates to get a foot in the door. 

7. Networking 

Working with us helps you build a professional network from day one. Recruiters connect companies and candidates, providing a robust network that can lead to ongoing future opportunities. As your experience grows, so does the list of professional contacts, opening doors to forge a strong career path.


A Trustworthy Partner with Deep Experience

For new graduates, stepping into the job market can be intimidating. Engaging with a professional engineering staffing firm like Bartech helps ease some of these challenges and accelerates career progression. With access to a hidden job market, industry insights, and a supportive network, Bartech offers a powerful resource for anyone looking to make a confident and informed start to their professional lives. 

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits new graduates can gain from working with a dedicated staffing firm like Bartech. We’re committed to helping exceptional candidates set the stage for a successful and fulfilling career. 

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