Electrical Engineering from a Recruiter Perspective

Electrical Engineering from a Recruiter Perspective
Amy Orndorff

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Electrical Engineering from a Recruiter Perspective

Read the complete Electrical Engineering: Career Resources & Hiring Guide for additional insights or if you’re looking for roles in the Engineering field.

As we continue to dive into the insights from Bartech Staffing subject matter experts, we’ll share data and opinion insights from staffing and recruiting leaders who are providing global workforce and specialist recruitment solutions to the Engineering industryBartech combines tech expertise with the scope, depth and breadth of large-scale talent solutions. Driven by both clients and candidates, Bartech works with all engineering and technical sectors by recruiting and placing talent with companies of all sizes – from start-ups to established tech companies and those who use tech to propel them further.

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Technical Recruiter Amy Orndorff, who specializes in candidate sourcing for Electrical, Powertrain, and Battery Engineers, believes that there will be an ever-growing demand for aftermarket electrical services and upgradesElectrical Engineers work with a range of technologies across many industries and sectors  including but not limited to  transportation, network-based products, household appliances, lighting and wiring systems, power transmission, telecommunications, and satellite communications.

Meet our Engineering Subject Matter Expert

Amy Orndorff, a Bartech Technical Recruiter from West Virginia, has over 12 years of experience specializing in the automotive industry with expertise specifically in automotive engineering, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, customer service and HR specialties. Throughout her career, Amy has become an expert in identifying top talent and placing candidates in roles that perfectly fit their unique skills and experience. 

“Rejection and setbacks are a part of the recruitment process, and what’s key to success is learning to bounce back and stay motivated despite the challenges that can come with this competitive industry.”

Read the complete Electrical Engineering: Career Resources & Hiring Guide for additional insights or if you’re looking for roles in the Engineering field.

From start-ups to established companies – we work with them all! Our clients span a wide range of markets, including aerospace, automotive, consumer products, manufacturing, renewable energy, supply chain & logistics, technology, and utilities – we truly have your next career move covered.


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