The Candidate Experience with Bartech Staffing

Working with a staffing firm can lead to many questions, and there are many levels of service that a staffing firm can provide. This question-and-answer session with Heather McRea, Technical Recruiter, and Ben Grover, Senior Technical Recruiter, will talk about how to get the most out of your engagement with Bartech Staffing and why we will help take your career to the next level.

Bartech Staffing’s roots are in engineering, professional and technical contractor placements, and our primary goal is to create a strong job and cultural match for you and our client companies. We do this all while keeping your future opportunities and ongoing growth in mind.

  1. What is the first step for engaging with a recruiter? Are recruiters matched with candidates based on skill sets and market interests?
  • (Heather) Bartech is a leading staffing firm in specializations, such as Engineering, Technical, and Professional career paths. We have recruiters that focus on different areas within these core skillsets and work together to find a position that best suits you.
  • (Ben) A recruiter serves as an advisor to you, and we are the experts in the market. A good recruiter will be able to give extensive details about positions, including what the typical hours of the position are, if overtime is available, if this role remote or hybrid, and more. Recruiters should also make recommendations on what to add or remove on your resume and let candidates know when they think a role would be a great fit. Transparency is everything.
  • (Heather) The most important thing when working with a recruiter is to find someone that you can trust. Unfortunately, not all recruiters in the industry put the candidate’s best interests at the forefront. At Bartech, we pride ourselves on asking candidates questions about their backgrounds and interests so we can match them up with positions that best align with their career goals and interests, rather than just another job.
  1. In addition to a strong resume, what do I need to successfully find my next job?
  • (Ben) Preparation is everything. Do research on the industries and companies that you are interested in working for. Prior to interviewing with, or even applying to a company, you should have a good understanding of the current projects that company is working on and what your goals are for the future, and where those points align. Being able to skillfully utilize that type of information in an interview could be the difference between being hired and being rejected.
  • (Heather) Practice going over your resume in detail. Most of the time, candidates have keywords listed on their resumes. What types of projects have you worked on in the past that are relevant to this job? Did you work on a team? If so, what were your specific responsibilities on the team? What are some quantitative and qualitative results you can list? What types of programs/software have you used in the past and what have you done within those programs? Those are the types of details that can really help you ace an interview.
  • (Ben) Finding a job is tough! A good recruiter should be able to help you format your resume to include relevant keywords and projects and walk you through what to expect in an interview. They should also be able to give you examples of what types of questions will be asked in an interview and roleplay good answers to those questions.
  1. On the Bartech website it talks about always implementing new and better ways to support the success of the candidate and client. Can you expand on what that really means for our candidates?
  • (Ben) For candidates, that means that you can always expect exemplary service from Bartech recruiters. Our primary goal is to help you find the position of your dreams. We can help you from the first steps of your job search all the way to making your career dream a reality.
  • (Heather) It also means that your relationship with your recruiter doesn’t end once you find a position. We keep our candidates and networks updated through social media on the latest news and information regarding the industry. At Bartech, we continue to be a resource for you and anyone else you know that is in the job market so that we can give them the same great service you received.
  1. What personalized services does Bartech provide while looking for a job, and what about once I become a contractor?
  • (Heather) At Bartech, we know that every job seeker has different goals and priorities in their careers. We work with you to better understand those priorities and use that information to find jobs that are the perfect fit for you. We have built strong relationships with our growing client base over our nearly 50 years in business. We use these partnerships and have honest conversations with our clients about what our candidates are looking for and how they can be an asset to their organization.
  • (Ben) Being a contractor is like any other full-time position and our high level of attention continues once you start! We have a dedicated Employee Care Center team that can answer any questions you have about health insurance, taxes, and anything else that may come up throughout the assignment! Just because you are no longer in the job market does not mean your recruiter won’t be reaching out to you. We check in to see how things are going and what we can do to continue your great experience with Bartech Staffing.
Benjamin Grover

Benjamin Grover, Bartech Recruiter, is based in Livonia, Michigan and has been in the automotive recruiting field for the last seven years, including over five with Bartech Staffing. His main areas of focus include engineering, customer service, marketing, and IT. Ben thrives on seeing the positive impact that he can make in people’s lives by helping them secure their dream career.

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Heather McRae

Heather McRae, Bartech Recruiter has over 12 years of recruiting experience, having spent the last eight years with Bartech. Heather has experience in many areas of employment and currently specializes in accounting and administrative roles.

Heather lives in Brunswick, OH, with her husband, two children, and two cats. Dedicating her career to making a difference in people’s lives and helping them grow professionally, Heather is Great Recruiters certified and attributes this distinction to her genuine care for her candidates and commitment to follow-up.

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