Step into a brighter future with Bartech Staffing for renewable energy. We offer comprehensive staffing solutions tailored specifically for clean energy.  

As the world pivots towards sustainability, we understand the unique challenges, compliance requirements, and skills required in this growing sector. We're here to bridge the gap, connecting your company with top-tier talent who are as dedicated to harnessing and distributing power as you are. Let us fuel your mission with the right people, positioning your business at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. 

Over the last 50 years, Bartech Staffing has built a reputation for delivering on bold promises and helping build better businesses by recruiting and placing talent with companies who use power and distribution to propel them further. 

You can look to us for market and industry insights to develop personalized solutions that keep you ahead of the curve and give you complete agility. We flex to fit your talent requirements, including scalable enterprise solutions, executive search, next-generation skills, time-sensitive projects, and ongoing workforce journeys. 

Serving Utility and Energy Companies

Leading businesses across North America depend on us for staffing experience in:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Transmission & Distribution 

  • Clean Tech

Our Experience

Bartech’s strategy is centered on building strong, personalized relationships with both our clients and candidates. We get to know your specific hiring needs and use this knowledge to create successful connections that empower growth and success. 

Our rigorous vetting process ensures that every candidate we recommend is technically proficient and aligns with your company's unique culture and objectives. We believe that a perfect match isn't just about skill sets. It's about fitting seamlessly into your team and embracing your vision. 

With one of the industry’s most robust specialist talent pipelines, we can attract top candidates for permanent placements, long-term contract roles, and contract-to-hire engagements. Our expertise is in placing the right people into the right roles—making a measurable difference for you and your new hires. We nurture relationships, share insights, and deliver outstanding service through ingenuity, integrity, and hard work.  

Clean Energy Expertise

The role of engineers and technical experts in clean energy has never been more crucial. They are tomorrow’s architects, analysts, and specialists designing, building, and refining the systems and technologies that underpin the energy sector 

Leveraging our extensive network and deep industry expertise, we connect extraordinary talent with leading companies to drive innovation, achieve goals, and reshape the future. You can look to Bartech Staffing for exceptional candidates in these specialties: 

  • Project Development & Origination 

  • Project Management 

  • Engineering & Construction (E&C)

We have deep expertise in placing contract engineers, project-based personnel, and direct hire talent for clean energy in utility and energy companies. Our culture embraces collaboration, work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, and social responsibility as fundamental tenets. 

Transmission & Distribution 

Look to Bartech for specialized staffing solutions designed specifically for electrical companies. As an essential linchpin in the energy industry, effective and efficient distribution is key to success. We understand the unique demands and complexities involved in finding the talent to get the energy from the source to the consumer.  

By connecting your company with highly skilled and dedicated professionals, we're committed to streamlining your distribution channels, ensuring seamless delivery, and bolstering your reputation in the competitive energy landscape. Let us power your business forward with the right people, making your distribution network as reliable and efficient as the energy you provide.  

  • Substation Engineering

  • Transmission Line Engineering 

  • Distribution Engineering 

It is critical to find the right people that can meet challenges and exceed expectations. Our talent pool is rich with experienced and forward-thinking professionals with the technical prowess and innovative mindset necessary to excel in today’s ever-evolving world. 

We understand the critical need for individuals who possess in-depth knowledge of current technologies and the foresight to adapt and lead in emerging trends.  

Our Services

Our clients are companies like yours that value and reward top talent and help people flourish and grow. We have relationships with candidates in all major specialties and sub-specialties, attracting and placing people who have the potential to make a positive impact on your team. Bartech can help deliver a world where you’ll always have exceptional people doing exceptional work.

Excellence in Direct Permanent Hire Services

If you need high-quality talent for permanent, full-time equivalent (FTE) roles, our high-touch service model will provide you with:

  • Market intelligence and staffing insights specific to your open roles

  • The ability to source specific, narrow, and targeted skill sets for exacting requirements

  • A scalable and agile approach to achieving a higher level of client and candidate engagement

  • Dedicated, experienced account teams aligned with your objectives

  • A single point of contact for open communication on a regular basis

  • A strong equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) plan to meet your goals

Targeted Staffing for Contract Placements

Bartech is an established staffing partner with a long history of working with career contractors. As a trusted advisor to our contractor community and clients, we always provide personal, responsive attention, in fact, we have a dedicated Contractor Care Team in place to provide individual support.

Our talent pipelines have the right individuals in place to deliver high-caliber staffing exactly when and where you need it.